The gentle

eco-friendly alternative

to flame

Water not Fire


Who We Are

We are a socially conscious business that provides pet owners, farm owners, and other service providers with an affordable and environmentally sound solution to traditional cremation. We honor animals in death, as they should all be in life. Pets, farm animals, and even those who have been abandoned, all deserve a dignified and respectful aftercare process. As passionate animal lovers and outdoorsmen, they also believe in in the environmental benefits of aquamation.

Families have expressed: 

  • They are grateful to have a choice. 

  • That they prefer a process that does not use fire or flame. 

  • The family prefers receiving 20-30% more of their loved one’s ashes returned to them. 

    They believe this to be a more gentle option than flame-based cremation.

  • Having an appreciation for a decreased environmental impact of the Aquamation process.

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